2020 Coin Shortage

Have you been saving your spare change for a sunny day?  Are your kids’ piggy banks about ready to burst?  Bring it in to your local branch for exchange or deposit!

Banks across the nation are running into coin shortages as the result of business closures during the pandemic.  This shortage appears to be temporary, but like the toilet paper shortage, it’s affecting everyone.  The Federal Reserve has reported a significant decline in coin deposits from financial institutions.  The U.S. Mint’s safety measures during the pandemic also lowered the production of coin.  These circumstances have resulted in the Federal Reserve limiting the amount of coin; banks and other financial institutions can receive.  The Federal Reserve expects the shortage to end once restrictions are lifted and more businesses reopen.

If you have been rolling your change in your spare time, we will accept it and verify all deposits before funds are exchanged or credited to an account. We will also accept all amounts of loose and unsorted coin. We apologize in advance; we are not able to accept any foreign coin.  Banner Capital Bank would like to thank you for your business and continued support!