Ag Week

Tuesday, March 24, 2020 is National Ag Day, with the week of March 22-28 dedicated as National Ag Week. For over 56 years, Banner Capital Bank has been supporting agriculture. Our towns were built by the settlers who farmed and ranched in our areas. From the small towns of Harrisburg and Beaver City, to larger cities of Cheyenne and McCook, agriculture has been the backbone. Even as the world has changed, and our towns have transformed over the years, our foundation is still in ag and the hard work and dedication that comes with it. Many of our staff come from multi-generation ranches and farms. Some of us are continuing the traditions with our own children and grandchildren.
Agriculture is the crops, the livestock, the family and friends, the laughter and tears. It’s the 4H and FFA leaders inspiring the young to succeed in an industry that so few understand. It’s the American way of life.
At Banner Capital Bank, we can help you reach your goals because we know what it’s like. We are proud to serve you and help ag flourish. Without our dedicated farmers and ranchers, we would lose the beautiful wide open spaces our states are known for. From the vast cornfields and cropland to the massive pastures, Wyoming and Nebraska proudly produce food for the world. It is our goal to help keep the traditions alive. Whether you need a savings account for your son’s earnings from the County Fair Sale, or a loan to buy that section of farm land, we can help.
With this, we thank all of you. Whether you are in the middle of calving heifers, preparing for this year’s planting, teaching grazing techniques, or developing advanced irrigation equipment, your support and love of this industry is commended. It is a tough, and often thankless career.
We are here for you.