How to have the best Christmas ever!

Have you ever worried about how you will pay for all the gifts you would like to get for your friends and family for the holidays? How will I pay for this, is it enough, I want to avoid credit card debt but I want to get nice things for everyone! Once the Christmas lights dim and the credit cards bills roll in, it can become a very stressful time!

These are typical feelings that can take some of the fun out of the holidays and cause stress that isn’t needed! The sooner you start planning ahead, the better your holiday season can be. But how? How do you start planning ahead and not impact your monthly budget, your current spending habits or your day-to-day processes?

Starting early as well as putting funds into a Christmas club savings, or a regular savings (if you can leave it there) is a great idea. A low impact way to help you ease into enjoying your holidays and not worrying about the potential expensive aftermath. It can also be a great way to help your money work harder for you!

When you get your paycheck would you really miss $25.00?

If you started with your first paycheck of the year, on a 26 pay period schedule, by the end of the year you could have potentially $650.00 to help with the holiday season. If you are able to save $50.00 from each check (on a 26 pay period year), that is a base principal savings of $1300.00. Imagine the savings and financial benefit of having a “cushion” to make the good times great! Or to help ease the stress of a stressful life event! This type of savings is low impact and can truly give you peace of mind for any situation.

As a customer, or potential new customer of Banner Capital Bank, we can offer you this type of peace of mind as well as convenient budgeting tools to help get you started today! Let us help you help yourself by empowering your financial goals!