National Ag Day

Banner Capital Bank would like to appreciate and recognize the hard-working individuals in agriculture across the Wyoming and Nebraska ranges.


Banner Capital Bank is here to help with the stress our farmers and ranchers face as they work to keep their livestock alive and their croplands intact and thriving.  National Ag Week is March 21-27, and it couldn’t come at a more appropriate time.

Agriculture has been an integral part of Banner Capital Bank legacy for over 57 years.  The small towns that make up the majority of our branch’s footprints, still have their strongest foundations in ag, as well as the hard work and dedication that comes with it.  Cheyenne, with continued efforts to highlight our finest cowboys and cowgirls through Cheyenne Frontier Days, takes pride in the agricultural roots.  As the world changes, and our towns adjust to the times, our foundation is still in ag and the hard work and dedication that comes with it.  Many of our staff come from multi-generation ranches and farms.  Some of us are continuing the traditions with our own children and grandchildren.

Agriculture is the crops, the livestock, the family and friends, the laughter and hardships.  It’s the 4H and FFA leaders inspiring the young to succeed in an industry that so few understand.  It’s neighbors helping neighbors in the roughest of times.  It’s about the farmers and their families who are fueling the future of our country.

At Banner Capital Bank, we can help you reach your financial goals because we know what it takes.  We are PROUD to serve you and help ag flourish. Without our dedicated farmers and ranchers, we would lose the beautiful wide-open spaces our states are known for. From the vast cornfields and cropland to the massive pastures, Wyoming and Nebraska proudly produce crops that help feed our nation. It is our goal to help keep the traditions alive and continue with the ag legacy.  When that auger needs replaced, or your daughter’s first calf just sold, we are here to help and we are here to celebrate with you!

As parts of Wyoming, Nebraska and Colorado face the daunting task of digging out from what has been a record-setting blizzard, and eastern Nebraska prepares for potential flash floods, Banner Capital Bank would like to THANK ALL OF YOU. Whether you’re feeding that newborn lamb, teaching online courses on resource management, developing new livestock supplements, or showcasing the newest tractor technology, your support and love of this industry is commended. It is a tough, and often thankless career.

We are here to help empower your business to succeed!