Exciting Changes to your online banking

Banner Capital Bank – empowering your financial security

Banner Capital Bank is dedicated to ensuring your information is kept safe and secure.  As scammers become more advanced, Banner Capital Bank is working to stay ahead of the processes to keep you protected.

In order to help keep you and your financial information safe, we are excited to announce we have added additional safety steps when accessing part of your online banking, specifically when authorizing Person to Person (P2P) and Account to Account (A2A) online banking transfers.  Each time you complete an external transfer, you will now be given the option of receiving a code via text, a phone call, or a code via Google Duo (a downloadable app to your smart phone or tablet). Once you have received this code, you will then be able to access the process to complete the external transfer as you normally would.

According to Forbes Magazine, 73% of Americans access their bank accounts online or through their mobile device. This can be concerning if you are using a public WIFI or are accessing your accounts in view of the public. Banner Capital Bank has put these security measures in place to ensure that there is less of an opportunity for fraudulent transactions to your account via the external transfer options. If you are not currently enrolled in Account to Account or Person to Person transfers, contact us today for more information.