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How can we help your farm or ranch grow?

Over the past 55 years, we’ve developed exceptional relationships within the agriculture industry, and we can guide you through the loan process with confidence and ease.

Of the many advantages that come with being a true hometown bank, none is more valuable to our customers than local decision-making. Every expert in the Banner Capital family is empowered to make a difference for you right away.

We offer competitive rates for:

Operating Loans

Keep your operation running smoothly with a flexible line of credit to cover labor, irrigation, harvest, seed, and more.

Livestock Loans

From short-term feeder livestock loans to long-term breeding stock loans, we’ve got options to support operations of all sizes.


Equipment Loans

Get the tools and equipment you need—or upgrade the ones you have—to get the job done right!

Agriculture Real Estate Loans

In the farm and ranch industry, land is everything; let’s set you up for success with purchasing, refinancing, or making capital improvements on yours.

Additional Benefits

We can also guide you through the loan process for:

  • Farmer Mac 2
  • FSA’s Guaranteed Farm Loan
  • USDA guaranteed loans

Your next milestone is in sight!

Give us a call at 1-800-681-0969 to speak with our Account Concierge, or stop by your local branch to get started.

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