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Loans represent major milestones in our customers’ lives—and we’re honored to be part of them.

As a locally owned bank, every expert in the Banner Capital family is empowered to make a difference for our customers right away. We can get started as soon as today!

We offer competitive rates for:

Car loans

  • Get what you need to hop in the driver’s seat, whether you’re purchasing through a private seller or a dealership.

Home improvement loans

  • Dreaming of a new kitchen or upgraded bathroom? We can’t wait to see what you’ve got in mind!

Long-term residential loans

  • With terms as long as 30 years, long-term residential loans are a great investment opportunity. We’ll help you make the most of yours!


Mortgage loans

  • Our resident experts can walk you through the process of securing a conventional mortgage loan, FHA mortgage loan, VA mortgage loan, or USDA mortgage loan.

Personal loans

  • Working together, we’ll help you decide on the best loan option for your individual situation.

Recreational Vehicle (RV) loans

  • Adventure is right ahead! Whether you’re looking to purchase or refinance, we’re here to help.

Your next milestone is in sight!

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