Banner Capital Bank Customer Communication in regards to Covid-19 outbreak


Banner Capital Bank wishes to help our customers stay empowered to manage their accounts during this time. Banner Capital Bank will stay diligent to ensure the safety of customers and staff alike at this time. Banner Capital Bank will implement the following changes to minimize person to person contact and to encourage responsible social distancing:

  • We encourage all customers to utilize our ATM channels for transactional services, balance inquires, and cash withdraws.
  • Customers facing financial hardships as a result of COVID-19 should contact Banner Capital bank to discuss their individual situation.
  • Banner Capital Bank customers are encouraged to take advantage of their debit and credit cards when making purchases and utilize ATM to withdraw cash. Customers are encouraged to continue checking the website for future updates as the situation evolves.

Banner Capital Bank has a number of products and services throughout mobile and digital channels to help our customers manage and access their accounts. We look forward to being able to continue servicing all of our customers accounts with the upmost concern.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding during this event.